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Quit Smoking with Help

“I wanted to fit in”, or, “I wanted to try, but I never stopped”, are the most common arguments why people started smoking. Most people start when they are very young and spend their life trying to quit without any results. Quit smoking isn’t easy, but if you’re prepared and you know how to handle the withdraw effects; you might be able to stop smoking for the last time.

Tobacco is very harmful in several ways. Most people need a push to feel the need to really quit smoking tobacco. This could mean they get pregnant, see people suffering of cancer or get health issues themselves. Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry and quit smoking before you have no other choice. Although tobacco is the harmful part of cigarettes, nicotine is the thing that got you so addicted. Nicotine is very addictive and gives you a nice relaxed feeling. This is why a lot of smokers use nicotine if they have troubles at work, are nervous for an exam or can’t sleep at night. Smoking a cigarette, or actually inhaling nicotine, makes your body relax and gives you a nice feeling. This feeling is addictive and the more you smoke, the more you need to get this feeling. After years of smoking, you need a lot of nicotine to get that nice, relaxing feeling.

There are several aids to help you quit smoking. Most important of these aids is the nicotine, because this is the addictive substance. For example: nicotine plasters, pills, gum or electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or vapors, are a new product that’s used by people who try to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes aren’t recognizes yet as an official aid to stop smoke, a lot of people say e-cigarettes helped them give up tobacco. Actually, a lot of people say electronic cigarettes are much more effective than other methods to stop smoking.

Most other aids to stop smoking have been around for years. Nicotine plasters are really easy to use and you can get them with a recipe of your doctor. The plaster sticks to your body and provides you with a dose of nicotine to help you handle the withdraw effects of quitting cigarettes. “The nervous feeling which I experienced earlier when I tried to quit smoking was gone”, Sarah Dravin, a 39-years old former smoker, states. “I tried to quit several times, but I couldn’t handle the nicotine withal. The plasters helped me the first period, but after that I started to get cravings. I started to eat a lot: candy, crisps, and crackers, everything I could grab to put in my mouth. I gain a lot of wait so I knew I needed to do something. Instead of plasters I started to use nicotine gum. This actually helped me to reduce my eating behavior. I’ve been using the gum for about five months now and I can say it works for me. However, I still miss smoking a lot, especially when I’m going out. Eating gum with a glass of whiskey just doesn’t work. I know I won’t start smoking anymore, but I will probably miss it forever.”

The 29-years old Dylan Teresa has been smoking for ten years. He quit smoking at once with electronic cigarettes. “I knew I had to stop smoking so a friend gave me an e-cigarette to try. I actually liked it so I thought I would just give it a try to see if I could stop smoking. It has been a year now and I smoke about one tobacco cigarette per month. Actually I only do this, because I’m lazy sometimes. Smoking tobacco is a bit more intense as smoking electronic cigarettes, but I never experienced any real withdrawsymptoms. The best thing is that I don’t have the urge to smoke a tobacco, because I can still smoke if I want. I do use nicotine in my e-cigarettes, but I already reduced this to 10mg.”

If you quit smoking using plasters, pills or gum, you can experience a lot of cravings. This is something you need to be prepared for. The best way to handle these cravingsis to set up a healthy snack supply. Make sure you have food that it’s ok to grab when you have a craving. Use fruits like cherries or grapes or prepare some grab ready tomatoes or cucumbers.

The craving for food will be less when you use electronic cigarettes to quit smoke. If you use e-cigarettes with nicotine, you won’t experience a lot of problems. Make sure you know how your e-cigarettes work so you can use it immediately when you feel like smoking. When you’re at the point of reducing nicotine, make sure you do this one step at the time. Reducing nicotine could mean you feel grumpier than normal.

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