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Gain Muscle

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Sports Nutrition Program For Every One

To get the desired result from the sports nutrition program you need to place the designed program in a proper way. This program can become more effective if it is based on scientific research and also with the feedback from other competitors, also the opinion of recreational athletes can help as they have years of experience and they know what does it take.
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Buah Merah Immune System Booster : The Synergy Of Six Super Natural and Organic Antioxidants

Buah Merah Mangosteen Green Barley Wheat Grass Malunggay Guyabano Soursop

BUAH MERAH (Pandanus Conoideus) ; MANGOSTEEN (Garcinia Mangostana) ; GREEN BARLEY (Hordeum Vulgare) ; WHEAT GRASS (Triticum) ; MALUNGGAY (Moringa Oleifera) ;GUYABANO / SOURSOP (Annona Muricata)

The Health Benefits of the Six Super Natural and Organic Antioxidants

BUAH MERAH (Pandanus Conoideus) ; MANGOSTEEN (Garcinia Mangostana) ; GREEN BARLEY (Hordeum Vulgare) ; WHEAT GRASS (Triticum) ; MALUNGGAY (Moringa Oleifera) ; GUYABANO / SOURSOP (Annona Muricata)


Vegetarian on a Budget

In many family budgets, one of the biggest food expenses is often meat. So in theory at least becoming a vegetarian should be an outstanding financial maneuver. In theory, if all you ate was rice and vegetables, you should be able to live for very little.
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Muscle is a soft tissue found in most animals. Muscle cells contain protein filaments that slide past one another, producing a contraction that changes both the length and the shape of the cell. Muscles function to produce force and motion. They are primarily responsible for maintaining and changing posture, locomotion, as well as movement of internal organs, such as the contraction of the heart and the movement of food through the digestive system via peristalsis.

Muscle tissues are derived from the mesodermal layer of embryonic germ cells in a process known as myogenesis. There are three types of muscle, skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. Their actions can be classified as being either voluntary or involuntary. Cardiac and smooth muscles contract without conscious thought and are termed involuntary.

Muscles are predominantly powered by the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, but anaerobic chemical reactions are also used, particularly by fast twitch fibers. These chemical reactions produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules which are used to power the movement of the myosin heads.

The term muscle is derived from the Latin musculus meaning "little mouse" perhaps because of the shape of certain muscles or because contracting muscles look like mice moving under the skin

First Vita Plus Natural Juice Drink is from Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera), Dahon Ng Sili (Capsicum Frutescens),Saluyot (Corchorus Olitorius),Uray / Kulitis (Amaranthus Spinosus),
Talbos Ng Kamote (Ipomoea Batatas). All of these five herbs are commonly found in tropical country like the Philippines. There have been studies that proved the effectiveness of these herbs. It is natural and safe to consume hence the main ingredient are also vegetables.

Gain Muscle

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First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink is a natural juice drink from Moringa Oleifera, Capsicum Frutescens, Corchorus Olitorius, Amaranthus Spinosus and Ipomea Batatas. All of these five herbs are commonly found in tropical country like the Philippines. There have been studies that proved the effectiveness of these herbs. It is natural and safe to consume hence the main ingredient are also vegetables.

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